We have good news for everybody in this world: The Corona virus COVID-19 is not dangerous. Not at all.

Corona COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is just the common cold – which feels very different when you believe it is deadly.

The rumor that COVID-19 is a deadly new virus

You have been misinformed. The World Health Organization (WHO) has spread the rumor that COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 3.4%, but new information coming from scientist and experts all over the world documents that the true mortality rate is 0.01% or less. Corona COVID-19 is a new mutation of an old and well-known Corona virus; everybody is immune or almost immune to it, because it is still just the common cold, which we have met so often before.

We do not know why this rumor, that COVID-19 is dangerous, has been started, and we do not know who started it. But we do know that because the world has come to believe in it because of the WHO, everybody reacts to it as if Corona really is a deadly new virus. We do know that WHO is spreading the horrible rumor to all countries in the world – energetically, continuously and convincingly – but we do not at this point understand why. WHO has a history with very strong bonds to the pharmaceutical industry, wanting to sell drugs and vaccines, and that could of course be a reason. But we don’t know.

On the Corona Whistle-Blowers webpage, we share the information with you that comes from the world’s independent experts and scientists in lung diseases and virology: the scientific experts agree that Corona COVID-19 is not dangerous at all; it is just the common cold, and it can definitely not kill you.

If you have any scientific reason to believe that COVID-19 is dangerous, please share this information with us here in this blog, and we will ask the experts to investigate it, and share the results of the investigation with you later. We are not here to hide anything, we are here to expose all and find the truth.

The media

We need to warn you, that many stories in the media about COVID-19 are untrue. There have been stories about young people dying from COVID-19 in the media; we know that young people who are said to die from COVID-19 in the media are often dying from a hospital-infection, which is a common and dangerous adverse effect of hospitals and especially of ventilators.

We know that many of you have seen pictures of overfilled morgues from Italy. This unfortunate situation was not caused by COVID-19 over-mortality, as national statistics from Italy documents that there is no over-mortality this year compared to the earlier years. It happened because all the dying people were sent from the elderly homes and the private homes to the hospitals, which did not have the capacity to deal with this unforeseen situation. Yet the whole world came to believe that a vast and unexpected number of people in Italy were dying from COVID-19.

There have been so many horrible stories running in the global media about COVID-19, but the media have not documented the high mortality of COVID-19 they have talked about in any way; they have not asked for any scientific documentation before they have put the world in a state of sheer panic. The world’s media have not acted responsibly.

If you want the experts to explain the stories you hear and see in the media, please upload them on this blog also; we will ask the experts to give their analyses.

The politicians

Lately many clumsy and unfortunate decisions have been made by politicians all over the world, undoubtable in the best intentions, but not based on the scientific data on the mortality rate of COVID-19 – we know that for sure, as these data only have been available now, in the end of April 2020.

We beg every human being in the world to study the documentation from the large group of doctors, scientists and experts we present here on the “Corona Whistle-Blowers webpage”. When you have slept on it, and digested it – and yes, we know if might be hard to digest now you yourself have become a part of the global mass hysteria – please step out of the collective madness, and come back to your senses.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are enhanced when you are very scared.

Many doctors find that COVID-19 looks like a new disease. We have discovered that the symptoms of Corona COVID-19 are strongly enhanced by fear. If you have a very strong reaction to the infection, see if you can relax and find peace. In most cases, the strong mental symptoms like disorientating and exhaustion will disappears this way. If the symptoms are not getting better when you try to relax, contact your doctor, but remember to tell him openly about your emotional state, your fears and worries. This might prevent you from going unnecessary to the hospital.


We are facing a horrible misinformation campaign, not a deadly new virus. We need everybody who understands this fact to help the suffering world to understand it also.

May this work benefit all living beings.

Søren Ventegodt, Copenhagen 05-05-2020

Quality-of-Life Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

Funding: The researchers and staff of the Quality-of-Life Research Center who are managing and supporting this webpage have no funding for this work and is not asking for any funding of it. It is done on a purely voluntary basis, in the spirit of service to the world.
Declaration of interests: We declare not competing interests.

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  1. Then y its still kept as hidden agenda. .is it that clear that the entire world is so ignorant to take such a massive movement of preparation etc..many say &saying. .but results r horrible. Even the poorest countries r in trouble. .

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